SMIB WORLDWIDE is a platform which found form in the south east of Amsterdam. De Bims, or the Smib, a name people from there are more familiar with, is the name we started to label our art with. Couple years later, the platform consists in different lanes such as the music industry, clothing and even literature. And while the platform started in a small hood in Amsterdam, our focus is on the planet as a whole.

SUMIBU is the clothingbrand that started trough the channels of the platform. The brand is runned by GRGY, the creative director of SMIB who’s also known for his crazy ass beats.

Smibsaland is a “brand” that first saw light through the eyes of Ray Fuego, and later Tirino Yspol. It supposed to be Ray Fuego’s big album. Maybe it will come on day, but for now the name is used mostly for clothing, which is designed by Tirino Yspol. Beside his work as a designer he’s also a stylist and one of the main models of Patta.

Smibanese is a digital magazine which also publishes physical products. Their launch came with their own dictionary, the Smibanese dictionary, and sold a lot of copies. The company is runned by a couple of journalist and writers who don’t wanna be known by their name or face.